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Since its inception, Emivest has been committed to be a part of nations development for food security and quality. To achieve this, we utilize world class modern facilities and advanced technologies across our entire operation chain - with production lines desinged and imported from Switzerland, and storage facilities purchase from the United States. In an effort to ensure customers' long-term satisfaction and confidence in our feed products, we strictly adhere to the Vina Certifications' standards i.e. ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP, and exclusively procure quality agricultural inputs for feedmilling and the rest of our operations.

It is precisely due to the 
strategic direction that Emivest was awarded the "Outstanding Feed Product Innovation Award" by department of livestock production. Today we continue to uphold these standards, and constantly strive towards producing higher levels of feed quality in Vietnam. I, and Emivest Group, firmly believe that all great things being with a little step; all it takes is determinations to propel the little steps into great success.

Mr Lau Joo Hong (2017/2018 EMIVEST MAGAZINE)

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