Emivest Vietnam Company Limited and Emivest Feedmill Vietnam Company Limited established in Vietnam in 2006 and 2010, respectively. We believe great things begin with a little step.

Emivest Feedmill Vietnam Company Limited started its operation on March 25, 2011, with total investment capital up to approximately $108.20 millions USD.

Currently, our company has 3 feedmills producing animal feed and 1 veterinary medicine plant. Both were designed and are using advanced technologies from Switzerland, total capacity up to 1,060,000 mts per annum.

Our products consist of full range of feed for broiler, color birds, village birds, layers, duck, quail and more.

Emivest Vietnam Company Limited has specialized in Day Old Chicken (DOC), broiler, and layer production.

We have directly imported genetics from such countries such as USA, England and France.

We have been fully equipped with advanced facilities, techniques, good management according to a strict process in order to control hygiene and biosecurity.

Emivest Vietnam Company Limited is one of the biggest animal production companies that received the “Disease-free Certificate” and “Outstanding Feed Product Innovation” awarded by Ministry of Agriculture Rural Department (MARD) of Livestock.